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What I’m Talking About: My Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Dinner

  I’m not mentally ready for the holidays. I need another couple of weeks so I can really start looking forward to them. I want more autumn. I want more autumn weather. I guess I need an attitude adjustment because there are fresh turkeys and Christmas decorations popping up all around me and I need to get on with it. I can’t say I haven’t tried. Last week I made and froze bread cubes for stuffing,  the pie crusts for […]


David Eyre’s Pancake made Gluten-Free

Reading though the The Essential New York Times Cookbook is like going back through the years in a time machine. I imagine it’s the same way for many faithful New York Times readers. Lovingly edited by Amanda Hesser, it’s packed with recipes that bring back memories. But there are so many, you can easily miss old favorites as your work your way through the pages. And that’s what happened to me. It wasn’t until Hesser resurrected David Eyre’s Pancake on […]


Gadgets, Pesto and Gluten-Free Panini

I am not a big gadget person. I don’t like to read instruction manuals and if I can’t learn to use something in a matter of minutes, it probably won’t be a big part of my life. Yes, you guessed it: there are functions on my phone I have yet to contemplate, and I am unable to turn on our DVD player to watch a movie without my teenage sons to remind me how (ie. I haven’t seen a lot […]