Gluten-Free Baking Classics

Gluten-Free Baking Classics
Publisher: Agate Surrey
Publication Year: 2006, 2008 2nd edition
ISBN: 9781572840997

"My goal was to bring together all the basic, classic recipes for baked goods that individuals with celiac, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and wheat allergies might look for all in one book. I wanted the recipes to be simple and fool proof so that people could depend on them and even use them as the foundation to convert their own family favorites, if they so desired."


About the Book

For celiacs and others unable to eat wheat, it’s not just the dessert tray that’s forbidden: hearty staples like bread and pizza are also off limits. Now, this exciting cookbook allows allergy sufferers to indulge in a wide variety of baked goods, all delicious and all gluten-free.

• Gluten-Free Baking Classics features a carefully crafted selection of 140 recipes for classic baked goods made with gluten-free flours and everyday baking techniques. The recipes were designed to mimic high quality baked goods made with wheat in terms of taste, texture and appearance. And they are all made with just two basic flour mixes: an all-purpose flour mix and a bread flour mix.

• Gluten-Free Baking Classics contains recipes for making everyday basics: Sandwich Bread, Hamburger Buns, Dinner Rolls, Bread Crumbs, Pizza Crust, muffins, scones and sweet breads, Chocolate Fudge, Vanilla, Lemon and Coconut Layer cakes, Brownies, Lemon Squares, Pie Crust and Biscuits. But it also contains recipes varied enough to be of interest to more experienced bakers: French/Italian bread, Multigrain Artisan bread, Bagels, Rustic Flat Bread, Éclairs, Cheese Puffs, Popovers, Carrot cake, Angel food cake, sponge cakes, Yeast Coffee Cake, Hot Cross Buns, and Almond Biscotti.

• Gluten-Free Baking Classics includes detailed instructions on how to buy, mix, and measure gluten-free flours, and on how to stock a gluten-free pantry. It was carefully written to help ensure success for even novice gluten-free bakers. Rounding out the book is a pertinent discussion on how readers can incorporate baking into busy schedules, and why it is so important for emotional, as well as physical, well-being

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