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The Great Pumpkin Mishap and Caribbean Pumpkin Soup (vegan and gluten-free)

  It all started when I impulsively bought a couple of cute new rust-orange dishtowels covered with little pumpkins to help usher in the autumn season. I threw them in the washer with a small load of white laundry by mistake. Well, you know what happened. One of my favorite white wear-around-the-house-shirts, two of my husband’s white workout tee shirts, five pairs of our white gym socks, and a couple pairs of his tighty-whities came out a lovely shade of […]

Cold Nights and Hearty Soups

I’m back. It was a lovely holiday – in spite of my slow start on preparations. I enjoyed three weeks of being able to spend time with family and friends and of having my son Alex home from college. I enjoyed giving myself the time I to cook and not write about it. I enjoyed the intellectual peace and quiet that comes from living in the moment. When what you do for a living is also so intimately connected to […]

White Bean and Chicken Chili: Waiting for Autumn

I couldn’t wait any longer. It’s still kind of warm outside. In fact, the warm weather just won’t go away, but I no longer care. I had to make White Bean and Chicken Chili. I usually wait until the last couple weeks of September, when the air starts to get a little crisp, and the corn and tomatoes go away. I start to want to make food that cooks slowly on the stove, food that fills up the house with […]