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Quick and Easy Gluten-Free Hors D’oeuvres with Mini Crepe Cups

Thanksgiving – the big enchilada of all cooking and eating holidays is over, but the holiday season is not. In my household, there’s a lot more celebrating to come– and that means there’s a lot more shopping and cooking coming my way. And so, here I am trying to map out a plan for creating all the holiday dinner and brunch food I will make over the coming month. I tend to focus on the main course dishes and the […]

Gluten-Free Chocolate Fudge Cake – No More Pioneer Woman Fantasies

After five cold, damp days without electricity, heat, phones, and Internet, I will never again daydream about life on the frontier. No more pioneer woman fantasies for me. Last week’s freakish, devastating October snowstorm left me perfectly happy to live in the present  – electric coffee pot at my side. All those long days of scrounging around in my pantry for food I could heat up in the dark (by holding a match to light the gas burners on my […]

White Bean and Chicken Chili: Waiting for Autumn

I couldn’t wait any longer. It’s still kind of warm outside. In fact, the warm weather just won’t go away, but I no longer care. I had to make White Bean and Chicken Chili. I usually wait until the last couple weeks of September, when the air starts to get a little crisp, and the corn and tomatoes go away. I start to want to make food that cooks slowly on the stove, food that fills up the house with […]