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Gluten-Free Baking Classics – The Heirloom Collection

It is with much happiness (and a sense of relief) that I can finally announce the publication of my new cookbook Gluten-Free Baking Classics – The Heirloom Collection. As many of you know, I’ve been working on this project for several years. I had the luxury of being able to spend a lot of time testing flour blends, different kinds of gums to replace gluten, inulin, seed gels, psyllium husk powder, protein isolates, modified starches, methylcellulose, and other ingredients that aren’t yet available to home bakers. I also tested new ways to bake gluten-free breads and different types of baking pans. It was all incredibly informative, and while I don’t detail all the specifics of my many years of testing in the book (it could become a whole other book!), it allowed me to write about my conclusions with confidence. Along the way, I developed some delicious recipes, all of which were field-tested by an incredible group of home bakers in their own kitchens. You can read more about the book here on this blog by clicking on the My Books link above. I also included an excerpt from the beginning of Chapter 4, a more-than-you-probably-wanted-to-know chapter about converting wheat recipes to gluten-free.

If you decide you want to buy the book (and I hope you do!), print copies are available through the Ingram Book Group at 39,000 retailers worldwide, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Chapters/Indigo (Canada). Ebook versions include Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook, and Kobo. If you don’t see the book at your local bookstore, you can ask them to order it for you. And please, if you like
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Latest From My Gluten-Free Table


Southwestern Shrimp with Fire Roasted Tomatoes

It’s January: time for some lively, brightly colored food to perk up your plate! Although I use the recipes in The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook year round, this is the time of year when I ...
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Gluten-Free Coffee Cake with Pumpkin Filling and Streusel Crumb Topping

The leaves are gently falling here in the northeast, and the golden-hued days are quickly turning into chilly evenings. It’s time to light a fire in the fireplace and do a little autumn baking. You ...
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gluten-free-Yellow-Pepper Chipotle-Coulis-featured

Yellow Pepper Chipotle Coulis and “Kitchen Accomplice”

I’ve long been a fan of More Than Gourmet, the Ohio based company that, years ago, created a diverse line of classic gluten-free glaces, demi-glaces, broths, and stocks. They understood that “gluten-free” was not just ...
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Gluten-Free Reviews


Gluten-free Wraps from Toufayan Bakeries

Every now and then a new gluten-free product shows up in the grocery store that surprises the hell out of me. Several weeks ago when our family was on ...
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Gluten-Free French Sauces from More Than Gourmet

  More Than Gourmet®, the gluten-free friendly sauce and stock company has done it again. They've introduced a line of high quality, all natural French sauces that home cooks ...
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The Big Gluten-Free Flour Test: Thomas Keller’s Cup4Cup versus Authentic Foods GF Classic Blend

Admit it. You've been wondering whether Thomas Keller's new Cup4Cup gluten-free flour is worth the $19.95 (for three pounds) price tag. So was I. Thomas Keller, the extraordinary culinary ...
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