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Lunchtime is the right time for Bean Salad

But WHAT do you eat for lunch? I hear this all the time from people (right after they ask me what I eat for breakfast). Those who’ve never contemplated life without wheat sometimes have a hard time thinking about lunchtime without a sandwich. But really, once I was out of elementary school, I gravitated to non-sandwich foods whenever possible. And when I was younger (in my pre-celiac days) and starting out my career in New York City, lunchtime was one […]

Original Plum Torte made Gluten-Free

I enjoy reading Melissa Clark’s column in the New York Times each Wednesday. She ‘s witty, inventive, curious and she knows her way around a recipe. I mention her because it was just about this time last September when she wrote about a much beloved plum cake made popular by Marian Burros back in the 1980’s. It jumped out at me and I realized that I hadn’t had that cake in more years than I could remember. I searched for […]


David Eyre’s Pancake made Gluten-Free

Reading though the The Essential New York Times Cookbook is like going back through the years in a time machine. I imagine it’s the same way for many faithful New York Times readers. Lovingly edited by Amanda Hesser, it’s packed with recipes that bring back memories. But there are so many, you can easily miss old favorites as your work your way through the pages. And that’s what happened to me. It wasn’t until Hesser resurrected David Eyre’s Pancake on […]

What I’m Talking About: When a Child Goes Back to College

There is one less person around my table- for now. Yesterday, after several days of pre drop-off weepiness, I drove my oldest son Alex to LaGuardia Airport in New York City so he could head back to his junior year at Vanderbilt University. It was wonderful having him back in the kitchen this summer. He cooks. He cleans up. And the best part is he’ll sit and have long, leisurely conversations about politics, economics and the state of the world. […]