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Gluten-free Pumpkin Bars

Not long ago I was lucky enough to help someone who was searching for a way to make “Pumpkin Bars” with gluten-free flours. She gave me her recipe and when I researched it, I found it in food magazines, a wide assortment of cookbooks, and all over the internet. Interestingly, several junior league cookbooks called the exact same recipe “Pumpkin Sheet Cake”. The only difference was that it was baked in an 11 x 17 inch baking pan instead of […]

Farm Market Bounty: Broccoli Salad

I was running through a local farm market very near closing time when I suddenly heard one of the vendors yelling out to shoppers passing by. My ears shot up as I listened carefully.  “Half price on organic vegetables!” I did what any red blooded American would do. I ran over and started grabbing what I could. My bounty has fed us through much of the week. Beautiful, tender lettuce for salads, butternut squash for a gratin, and baby kale […]

White Bean and Chicken Chili: Waiting for Autumn

I couldn’t wait any longer. It’s still kind of warm outside. In fact, the warm weather just won’t go away, but I no longer care. I had to make White Bean and Chicken Chili. I usually wait until the last couple weeks of September, when the air starts to get a little crisp, and the corn and tomatoes go away. I start to want to make food that cooks slowly on the stove, food that fills up the house with […]

What I’m Talking About: Good New Gluten-Free Products

Yesterday I went to the September meeting of the Westchester Celiac Sprue Support Group to catch up on all the local buzz in my gluten-free world. Before going into the auditorium (yes, auditorium; there were hundreds of people) to listen to a guest speaker from the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University give a medical update, I perused the vendor hall with the half-hearted hope that there might be a vendor I could be really happy about. I’ve learned not […]